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And now we wait

2011-03-25 16:19:30 by tomoAwasu

CatGrim should be functioning perfectly now; preloader, API, fixed some bugs i was notified of, so huzzah.

Right now i'm just waiting on the Flash Ad approval. Once that happens im going to work on an update for more keyboard options. The reason i'm waiting until after Flash Ad approval is i don't want to be constantly updating and mess up the process (since i don't know how the process works).

Lastly if you see CatGrim on any other website its because the internet is full of ninja thieves; I have only uploaded CatGrim to newgrounds. Now that i have the API "Game Protection"set up with only newgrounds as the approved host i figure that should at least put a dent in those other websites (it's the internet, ya can't stop everybody).

till next time


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